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We are pursuing practical innovation to address cost, quality and access to health care – from early stage research to pilot programs to new business models.

At UnitedHealth Group, we continually experiment, improvise and strive to create new products and services that aim to improve the health care system. By collaborating with external partners across various industries that challenge status quo thinking, we believe we can create opportunities to advance innovation and address the issues expressed by the individuals we serve, providers and customers, and demonstrated in our data. We reinvest in order to scale these meaningful solutions to improve outcomes and increase savings that will make health care better in every community.  

Explore Innovation at UnitedHealth Group

New Prenatal Care Model Aims to Reduce Nation's Preterm Birth Rate

March of Dimes and UnitedHealth Group have launched a new group prenatal care program to help improve mothers' and babies' health during pregnancy, birth and infancy. The program is designed to help reduce the incidence of preterm births and low birth-weight babies. 

A Physician’s View on Telehealth Visits: Virtual Visits in the Primary Care Office

Weill Cornell Medicine is working on a pilot with UnitedHealthcare to integrate telemedicine into its office based practice. The virtual visits are enabling doctors to offer greater access and convenience to patients.

Leading the Way in Value-Based Care

UnitedHealthcare is leading the way in value-based care. This new model of health care promotes better health, better care and lower costs through innovative partnerships with care providers and consumers.  

Solutions for Building a Modern, High-Performing, Simpler Health Care System

UnitedHealth Group is advancing solutions to help build a modern, high-performing, simpler health care system. We conduct health care research and analyze the health care market and policy environment, including enterprise best practices and proven solutions. 

Partnering to Solve Health Care’s Greatest Challenges

At OptumLabs, we are working with thought-leading partners to enable innovation and ground-breaking research designed to improve patient care and patient value. Together, we’re accelerating the search for solutions to challenges that stand between us and a healthier world. 

Investing in the Next Generation of Health Care Innovation

Optum Ventures is investing in and providing guidance to startups that apply information and progressive new technologies and approaches to solve health care’s most pressing challenges. 

Thought Leadership

Clinical and health industry professionals from UnitedHealth Group, Optum and UnitedHealthcare bring decades of evidence-based research and hands-on development experience to our work in helping people live healthier lives and making the health system work better for everyone. Thought-leaders on a broad spectrum of health care issues can be available for public speaking opportunities, panel discussions and educational programs, as their schedules permit. 


Speakers Bureau


speakers bureau

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UnitedHealth Group invests more than $3.3 billion annually in innovation and technology. 

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UnitedHealth Group has a history of nurturing innovation across its businesses.